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LEGO® at Toys Online.com.au

The LEGO® Company was founded in 1932 in Billund, Denmark, by master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. Since 1958, the company has introduced new shapes and colors, with approximately 2,000 distinct elements now in the LEGO System of Play. Today, the LEGO® assortment ranges from toys for babies as young as 3 months, up to complex robotics sets that challenge even the biggest kids, including parents.

The word LEGO®is a contraction of two Danish words, "Leg" and "Godt," meaning "play well" in Danish. Imagination is inherent to LEGO® play. A space ship can be transformed the next day into a race car or a castle. It's the limitless play that makes playing with LEGO® bricks so much fun.

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